Papa Burgeria

You have been a worker almost all of your life and now that you have been able to save the money to open your own business, you went on a business. In short, at last, your dreams are coming true and it would be up to you to make sure that you are able to prosper as time passes. It would be your fault if your business is not a success. Since, you are just starting, you can’t afford to hire a crew, so it’s all up to you to make sure that the customers are happy with the burger that they want.

There aren’t any competitions around and looks like things are getting brighter as you saw some people looking on your way. You know that this could mean that they would buy from your store. If they are happy with the food and service then there is a pretty high chance that they would go back in your store. As your store got recognize, there would be more people and that is what you want. It means more money and honestly, everybody wants money. Besides, that is why you decided to open your own business in the first place.

In this game, you need to build some burgers. But, before that, you need to understand that you can only play this game with a mouse. The idea here is to follow the instruction, there would be an instruction at the beginning of the game. Once, you have serve your first customer then more would follow. Depending on your service, you would get some tips, which you can use to buy a few posters and other things for your burger shop. As you make some progress, your money would grow and you are able to buy more things for your shop.