Paper Mario World Game

The princess has been kidnap and you are needed once again. It seems that King Kuppa found some really tough troopers as they are tougher than before. Fortunately, you are able to find a magic hammer that you can carry anywhere you go. You need to save the princess since Mushroom kingdom won't be the same without its leader. Who knows on what would Kuppa do to her and that is part of the reason why you need to save the princess. One thing is certain, the mission won't be easy since there are a lot of kuppa soldiers that you need to overcome before you can get to her. These guys ar4e evolving and they are much tougher than that used to be. Truly, Mario has evolve into a tougher plumber, but his enemies also evolve with the help of time. They say that evolution is the key to the future; both Mario and his nemesis knows this and both try to use it to their advantage. Mushroom kingdom is doomed without its ruler as nothing would be the same without its ruler. King Kuppa knows that and want to use it in his advantage. The people of the mushroom kingdom would soon come back to him if they got no ruler. In this game, you need to save the princess, but that can't be done in the earliest possible time since that is for the end of the game. In the meantime, you need to reach castle after castle and collect some cash along the way. The game is different from the old game since you would carry a hammer in this one. You don't need a mushroom to grow up as you are stay the same throughout the game. The game gets much more challenging as you make some progress.