Bloons 3

When the enemy came to town, no one suspects it since it looks harmless as it is cute. Actually, it is the kind of stuff that most kids would buy in the store. Everyone loves it as it is adorable. Most of all, it is very popular among birthday celebrant because it makes the occasion much colorful. Kids would often request one since they are the ones that likes those colorful flying object. They would often tie it to their wrist so that it won’t fly away. Truly it is the stuff that makes kid happy and everyone grew up loving them.

However a mad scientist got an idea as he would turn it into a weapon and it would be the weapon of mass destruction. He would call it bloons and he did just that. When the first set of weapon was made he let it flew to the city where it explodes. More than a thousand got hurt because of that. With no way to detect which balloon has the explosives, cops began outlawing every balloon they see. It was until when government uses a monkey for experiment that they can detect such bloons. They began popping it whenever they saw one. At last, the government got a solution to the problem and they would turn those monkeys into bloons popping machine.

In this game, the idea is to pop those bloons. You need to place those towers to where they would be most effective. You would earn some money when you pop some bloons. The money can be used to buy some upgrades or buy a whole new tower with which to defend the exit point. The game is challenging and it becomes harder as you make some progress. Do you think that you are ready to pop those bloons?