Bloons Tower Defense 5

When balloons invaded the world, everybody thought that there would be no harm done since those are just ordinary balloons. But, something was sinister inside as it is infused with hatred. No one knows, how it got infuse, but the reality is in there as no one seems to suspect it at first. Fast-forward to the present and now they are recognize as one of the most destructive force. As the nations become aware of their destructive force, they thought of something that could rival it. They experimented on a lot of things and finally, they have perfected their experiment. They introduce the monkey to the world. It seems that they are the best choice since they act like humans and can move like humans do.

As time passersby, the monkeys were even more developed to handle the balloons, now called bloons. That was the start of the Great War between the bloons and the monkey. The bloons are evolving and so are the monkeys as both of them are learning from the encounter. As time passes, it now called as bloons tower defense. Those monkeys are getting angry if they saw a balloon even if it isn’t the bloons, so people learned that they should not carry a balloon near the monkeys.

In this game, the idea is total defense. You need to place the monkeys in strategic places or those places where the bloons would surely appear. The game is played with a mouse and you would need to make sure that none of the bloons could penetrate the defense of the monkeys. You would lose some life once one of those bloons are able to pass through. In every pop, you would earn some money, which you can use to buy more towers. You can even use it to upgrade some existing towers.