Crazy Royale Battleground

So many people like to play FPS games. This kind of games are really popular among the players; because they can control their own characters on the battle ground and these players can shoot each other base on the story of the game. Crazy Royale Battleground is a kind of this game, you can select your character type and join the game easily…

First of all, you can check the map before attending the area. Then, you can start. At the beginning, you don’t have a gun. Base on your character, sometimes you can start to play on the field, sometimes in the houses or may be you can jump from the planet o the ground with parachute. After all, you can start to fight against your enemies. Careful, every body can carry some guns and they can shoot you easily.

W, A, S, D keys are helpful for all movement. Plus them, to jump from the plane you can use X key. Near of all, the mouse and also arrow keys are useful fort his game. It will be your favourite game, we believe. This addictive Crazy Royale Battleground game is a kind of battling game and so, there are so many players want to join and start to make war together. Now, this is your turn, you can go on!