Kitten Raiders

Cats use to be the household pets, but when they evolve, they begun the rebellion. They started holding guns and started fighting us. Fortunately, we become much more intelligent and has invented a lot of useful things namely in war a situation. Now, more than ever, we have advance and we don’t’ need to send out men to fight for us. We just build some defense mechanism and we are all good about it. It is enough to stop those invading cats from destroying the city. They must be stop and no men would put their lives in anger anymore as we are too depended with the robots defenses. That is technology at work.

When the first wave of attacks, the cats tried to enter the city, but their plans were foiled by robot defenses. It doesn’t need some instruction and certainly doesn’t need to eat. You don’t have to pay for it since it is provided by the government to stop those invasion. Those cats would surely kill us provided that they are able to enter the big city. But, those cats have an immense army and they are not going to give up just because we are able to kill many of their comrades. For sure, they are planning their next attack the moment we speak.

In this game, the idea is defense and the game is played with your mouse. All you need to do is to place some defenses around the area where the cats would attack. It only takes a second to do it and what is best is that you are able to setup a lot in just a minimal time. Of course, it is still limited, but there would be other options as you make some progress in the game. You would unlock more defenses as you advance in levels.