Ninja VS Zombies

Ninjas have trained for a long time and they would not walk out of you just because the world is ending. They can deal with almost anything as they have eh skills to do it. For most people, they are not to mess with since they kill people to make living. Perhaps, something that might throw you off into making friends with them. However, there are times that you would need to hire them to eliminate someone who has been harassing your family and they would be right for the job. Legend says, they kill each other as an initiation for them to prove that they are the best. However, something are more frightful than them and they would scare anyone right of their feet. They are the zombies and would eat everyone in town. We need to get rid of them or they would populate the Earth. Not that they are being born to this world, but they are at one time human beings. All it takes for you to become a zombie is one zombie bite. You can’t stop them with just a bullet. You need to be a good shot to take care of them. You need those bullet into the head and they would stay down forever. In this game, the idea is to get rid of the zombies and you would be using ninjas, utilizing their skills to get rid of the zombies. Throw some ninja stars to get the job done right. You only have a limited shuriken so you need to make them count. You might need to use your brain to get rid of the zombies sine there would be times that you can’t throw stars at them head on. You would need to use the environment to your advantage. The game gets harder and challenging as you make some progress.