Snow and Fast

Race games are attractive every time. People like to get their cars and drive them fast in these games. Snow and Fast is a kind of race game; but this one has different game modes. For example, you can race in a single race mode or you can try your skills in career mode. If it is snowing, raining or different weather conditions are happening, no problem, because the pilot is the best man at his job!

Snow and Fast game has some rules also. In career mode, you must pass all the ways and dangers in a relax soul. Then, you can g oto top place with all your successes. Near of them, you can select your car’s color also in this game. So, you can feel driving different cars in different races.

While driving a car, arrow keys are very helpful for players. And also “x” key is used for using NOS. You must go on the race ways, not the other ways to get the highest fast. If you want to use hand brake, “space bar” is ready for you!