Super Mario 63

Super Mario 63 is very enjoyable game among other game types. In this adventure, there is very different Mario you will see. This Mario can fly sometimes, it needs some help and he can read some instructions on the roads. Flying turtles, birds, bomb fishes and so many interesting things are in this adventure. It is really attractive for players. But before all, you must know some details about this game.

For the movements and controllers, arrow keys and Z, X, C keys are useful for you. Arrow keys are for movements, especially the up key is for jumping. Plus this, Z and X for some special movements for Mario. He can turn fastly or move fancy by using these keys. When he finds and starts to carry flying tube, you can use C and you can fly also, for your Mario. In the Super Mario 63 game, sometimes you need some instructions. When you see a panel which has some texts, you should stop there and push the "Z" key to read it. At the end of the game, you must pas all the levels. You can fly, swim, run, everything in this adventure. Just because of this it is very popular browser game nowadays.