Are you ready to be an addictive of a kind of perfect game? Tunnel is very, very attractive and addictive game on internet. Its music, energy, colors, basic rules and attractive sides are really nice. You should try to play it, after your first try, you will play it more and more…

In the Tunnel game, you controll a ball. This ball is going on the tunnel; the main target is getting small balls on the road. But the important thing is; tunnel parts can be missing on the road and there is a danger which is about fall down from the tunnel to the sky. At that time game is over. So, you must be very carefully while collection small balls and going on the roads.

The colors are changing frequently. Tunnel colors can be yellow, green, red, purple or different color tones. While it is changing, you must be more careful also. Because, it affects your concentration. Plus this, game music is very nice, it can be the best of the best game musics may be… There is a counter which counts how many balls you collect, and so, you can be a record braker may be. Arrow keys are enough to play it, just to try; then you can’t leave Tunnel game.