Vex 3

Ninjas are interesting creatures in the games. Especially the talented ninjas are very attractive for players. Vex 3 is a ninja game and you will be a ninja who try to avoid dangerous things on the way. This game is full of different adventures. Vex is waiting for your commands to go on and run away from the dangers to be alive and achive the goals.

First of all, you must learn how to play. In the game screens, it will also help you about how to play this game. You will see the arrows on the screen and you will understand that which direction will be followed by your ninja. you can move your ninja by using arrow keys or w, a, s and d. 

In the Vex 3 game, there are some extra things you must be informed. For example, you can swim in this game, but your head position is important for swimming direction. Plus this, yellow boxes will help you to jump too much. you can jump by using w or up arrow key, you can slide on the ground when you push down (or s key) arrow while running to that direction. You must avoid touching gears to be alive!