Mario Boat

As you know, Mario can be in so many different adventures every time. Sometimes he can save the princes in the caves, some times he is very hungry and trying to get some foods. Some times Mario can race against other Super Mario characters… Now, be ready for very different attraction; it is Mario Boat adventure.

In this Mario Boat game, our hero is using his boat. But water is flowing against him and there is a big fish just backside of Mario. So, he must be far away from this dangerous fish. Near water flowing, there are some extra dangerous things in this adventure. Small fishes jumping on the water and if they hit the boat, Mario can be died. So, you must be careful about it. Plus these fishes. Some birds drop some bombs to the Mario’s boat. It is also very dangerous and critical thing to be alive.

While geting rid of all these dangers, you must collect gold pieces on the air. You must use arrow keys to move in Mario Boat game and you can see that you can avhice your goals if you are careful enough. Only you must check everything on the screen and be aware of all the points in the game…