Run Run Mario

Mario always gets in trouble since he is an adversary for King Koopa since he rule the land. Mario would have to fight them, but you can’t expect him to always win. At some point, he would get defeated and that is something that would make you run for your life. You don’t want to end dead and the only option for you is to run as fast as you can. Everyone is serious and King Koopa is serious to get and kill you in his very own hands. If you won’t take it seriously then you won’t last in this crazy world.

Guess, like many others, King Koopa has seen the light or rather sees the truth in everything and has gone serious. This makes him even dangerous than he is. Mario is not use to King Koopa being that way and he knows that if he would not run then this might be the end for him. The whole scenario has change, now that Koopa become much more serious than he is. Gone are those days that he is just use to waiting around. This time, h wants Mario and he would come after him himself. Of course, he would bring all of his troops wherever he goes. After all, he is the king and he commands the troops.

In this game Mario is running and you need to make sure that he is safe. He could instantly die if you are not going to do something. The best thing that you could do is to make him jump as fast as possible. The area is not a safe place to run since there are pits everywhere. Actually, they are deep mountain and falling down would be an instant death. You need to time your jump, so that you are able to get to the other side. However, that won’t be easy since there are many like that in this game. The idea here is to get as far as you can.