Shooter Mario

Mario has been inn in the plumbing business since he was a kid. It all started with their father Mario Sr, who started the business. Back then, Luigi wasn't born yet as Mario was the baby. Father Mario to become a hunter because he needs the meat on his table. When Mario was older, he tried shooting for the first time and he love it. He did it for several times and even brought his gun with him on his trip to the Mushroom Kingdom. He got furios as he was really tired of getting harased by the Kuppa troops, se he brought his gun with him and shoot every kuppa troop that he saww.

There was the raccoon tail and the flower power, but he rally ogt pisse off so he started shooting the kuppa troops. They weren't a match for it since, it would stay with Mario the whole time. He don't need the raccoon tail or the flower power to fight back since the gun stays with him all the time. The only downside is that even King Kuppa himself can use the gun once he got it from Mario. Mario knows that everyone woudlbe introuble if Kuppa gets a hold of his gun, so he return it to the real world.

In this game, the idea is to shoot the kuppa troops. The game is played with a mouse and you need to aim to where the enemy is at or you can’t shoot him. You can use the wall to your advantage since the bullets bounce from the wall. You need to calculate to where it would land to be able to us it. There is a time limit in this game. Before your time expires, you need to shoot all the enemies in a level.