Stickman Hook

Some games are different than the others, you can notice it easily. Now, you can understand that this Stickman Hook game is also this kind of games when you start to play. This is a mobile game and you can also play it on your mobile devices or computers / laptops.

The main target of this game is being alive and go on by sticking on the walls and roofs. If you are playing Stickman Hook on computers or laptops, only the mouse and left click is enough to play. If you are playing this game on your mobile phone, at that time you must touch the screen...

How to play? Very easy... Your hero is flying on the air but he can drop of course. If he drops, game is over. But if he damags more and more in the air, he die again. You must stick on the walls and roofs, and your click / tap time is also important to arrange the speed which is about moving in the air. Your hero mustn't touch dangerous things in the air and must avoid to hit the walls... If not, he will be damaged and died; so game will be over. If you can see yellow gold in the air, take them. You will be addicted to play Stickman Hook game.