Street Fighter 2

Ryu was a young fighter on a quest to become the greatest champion in the world. He have receive some training from Gokien before the latter got killed by Akuma. His known rival is Ken Masterson, but that was when they were training. They are one of the best buddies. Ken just want to get married with his fiancée and live a happily married life while Ryu wants to be recognized as the strongest. Ryu travels the world in search of some of the best fighters in the world. Ryu would often meet different strong fighters from all over the world and at one point, he met SAgat, who was a known fighter from Thailand. Sagat is connected with Shadaloo, an unknown crime group. They control drugs, guns, and anything illegal not only on Thailand, but all over the world. The leader is known as Bison and he runs the show behind Shadaloo. He never shows his face around in public as his existence is highly classified. Guile is the leader of the group that wants to bring Bison down. Ryu is part of Guile’s force, but he is never active since he got his own thing and would want to be the best fighter in over the world. In this game, you can only play as Ryu and your main antagonist would be Sagat. There should be a lot of fighter other than those two, but this game is just a mini version of the game. The game was an old arcade game which was very popular back in the 90’s. The idea in the game is to beat the opponent with kicks and some special moves that you may conjure during the match. Anyway, since this game is just between the two fighters, there won’t be any match after you beat Sagat.