Super Mario Atari Version

Atari games were very attractive in the past. There are so many different game types in there, to play for hours. Mario is one of the best among the selections. You can play it for hours, days, so long time. And it is very enjoyable every time. After these years, computer games were appeared. At this time, there are some new game types were created by the companies. But players miss the atari games again, especially the Mario Games! So, Super Mario Atari Version is under the spotlights right now. You can test it and go back your old days...

In Super Mario Atari Version game, arrow keys are very important for you. You can move with these keys to every destinations. Plus this, Z is another key to be used. Z is for jumping and also selecting something. For example, at the beginning of the game, you can push Z and select the options to start the game. Near of this, you can select Luigi or the other heroes in the game; not only Super Mario! If you select Super Mario, you can also select Super Mario type; because there are so many different Mario designs in the past.

As a result, you can play Super Mario Atari Version for free and you will enjoy so much in this adventure.