Super Mario Bomb

Mario and his friends are tired of the same game being played over and over. King Kuppa and his minions are no more and all of his descendants aren't hostile at all. Nowadays, they become friends with the Mario brothers and aren't hostile to any of the Mushroom Kingdom citizen. All of them have formed a friendship over the years. However, their friendship still have some signs of competitions within them as they are dangerous. They could get hurt if they are not careful enough. Of course, they would exercise all the necessary precautions if they can, but that won't guarantee their safety, as nothing is safe about bombs.

The group are playing with some bombs that can end up sending them to the hospital, but it would never kill since the explosives are not that powerful to kill someone. But, still the danger is there as it could injured them. They are friends, but when it comes to competition, nothing is friendship and no one would give up to prove that they are the best on what they does. thye do it every year to prove that they are the best of course, the winner would get a good amount of treasure as a reward.

In this game, the idea is to eliminate the other characters. Of course, before you do that, you need to choose between Mario, Luigi, Bowser and Toadstool. The idea here is to eliminate all of the other character. Before you can get to them, you need to destroy anything that is in your path. Sometimes, you would get something that can be use against your rivals. Fortunately, you are the only one that could use them so, that is an advantage over them. When the game runs out of time and you haven't killed one of them then you lose the game.