Super Mario Bomber

Mario has deal with bricks a lot of times since he smashes them for it hold some power ups. However, some of them just have some coins in them and it adds to Mario’s money. When Kuppa was long gone, Mario thought of making some money by destroying those bricks. Anyway, he usually get a headache trying to smash them, but now that he is using explosives to destroy those bricks. It would be a lot easier and he won’t have a headache. Anyway, the money that he could get from doing that would serve him good as he plans to open his own business in the future.

Mario isn’t sure on how much money he could get from doing that, but he knows that he could make some cash from doing it. Anyway, he don’t need to pay for anything to do it and he could earn some cash without dirtying his hand. Perhaps, he could have another business if he is able to earn some money, but for now, that is the only thing that he knows. He should take advantage of it since he don’t know other stuff. Mario knows that his skills is not that important for many, but that is his only skill that he could use to make money in the Mushroom Kingdom.

In this game, he won’t be jumping and using head to destroy those bricks. Instead, he would use explosives to do that. This game is derive from one of the most famous games in the 80’s, yes, it is about Bomber Man. In case, you don’t know, it was one of the most favorite among kids of that era. The idea is destroy all the balloons, but in this case, you are going to fight enemy. They can also use bombs and the idea here is outsmarting them.