Super Mario Bubble Shooter

Nowadays, you can see that so many people play the bubble games. These games can be played on computers, tablets or mobile smart phones... All these games have the same target; make the similar items and destroyed them. Mario hero also can be in a kind of these games; but there must be some differences on this point. For example, Super Mario Bubble Shooter game is the best one to try...

Mario is alone in this game. He is picking a shooter by hands and target the bubbles on the sky. But these bubbles have different images. If Mario can make the same images / items together, a serie of items are desteroyed. This is the most enjoyful point; if he can't do this, bubbles approach the earthe and game over. You can play this Super Mario Bubble Shooter game easily. Only mouse can be used to play it. But remember; every new levels, there can be some new different items. The critical point is; these items are similar but not the same. For example, you can see "key" but this key can have a red circle or blue circle. They can't match like this. Even circles must be matched and you can win at that time.