Super Mario Cross Over

Of course, we all know that Super Mario and his brother Luigi is the hero around Mushroom Kingdom, but somehow they get some help from their friends. They know that they would need the help of a friend if ever they would need to win the war against King Kuppa. Each of their friends has their own strength and weakness. By helping one another they are able to cover that weakness and are able to be stronger. King Kuppa is an awful being and everyone despises him because of that. He needs to overthrown and the lands to be given back to the Mushroom people and Princess Toadstool.

Princess Toadstool have been hiding and had summon other heroes from different world to help the Mario Brothers because she know that the Mario Brothers would need some backup. Kuppa has a lot of minions and the heroes of the Mushroom people might not be able to help them with their strength alone. She knows that the heroes from other world would be a great help for their dream to come true. There is an old saying that a broom cannot do nothing if it is just a single stick, so Mario would need all the help of the other heroes to conquer King Kuppa.

In this game, you would get some help from other heroes of the Konami franchise. However, you can’t play them all at once since you can’t control them that way. You need to choose which one would you want to control at the start of the game. The game play is just like any Mario game that you have played before, but if you choose one of the other heroes then you would need to play it by their terms, which means that they can be played with whatever powers they already got.