Super Mario Flash 3

This Super Mario Flash 3 adventure is the 3th one of the series. This is the new version of Super Mario Flash series and people like to play it more and more... In this game, there is a world map for Mario and he (or Luigi) will go on their own roads. Players can pick Luigi instead of Mario, no problem. You know, they are also brothers and no matter which one is sleceted by players, for both. In the world map, there are so many adventures. Every door has another story and Mario brothers will try to be successful in all these variations.

The controllers are very easy; for movement, the arrow keys are useful. You can jump with up arrow key, run with left or right arrow key etc. Plus this, you can open the boxes or enter the doors with space bar. You can select what you want with this key. If you want to go back to menu, B key will help you. At the end of the game, you can get the princess and pass all of the dangers on your ways.