Super Mario Hidden Stars

Mario and Luigi are brothers and they share the same passion. All their life, they like plumbing since that is the only job that they get, but when things get dangerous, they would not hesitate to fight back. That is their way of life and that is they people love them. One day, they found out a war pipe to another dimension and when they go inside eh pipe, they found themselves out of Brooklyn and into a new world. That world was the mushroom kingdom where King Kuppa reign supreme. He is not the rightful rules of that world, but he claims it for himself alongside his army. He is able to push back Princess Peach and her people. The brothers offer their help to free the land of the princess. They know that this would be tough so they need to get tough too, but living in Brooklyn teach them to be tough or people would just walk over them. They can’t be soft since others would just abuse them. That is something that they learn growing up and it seems that this would be useful in their war against King Kuppa. That guy is a tyrant and the people would love him out of the kingdom. It is just that they are too afraid since Kuppa has an army. In this game, there would be no fighting so keep calm and prepare your brains because you are going to need it in this one. This is a challenge and your task is to find the hidden stars all over the land before time runs out. You need to use your vision so those with a problem with their sights better not play this one. The game gets harder as you make some progress, so expect this game to more exciting as you find the hidden letters.