Super Mario Land

The land of Mushroom Kingdom is in trouble as King Kuppa is back. This time, he got more army with him and they are not easy to get rid of. They would get rid of anyone that stands on their way. Once, Mushroom kingdom is under the tyranny of tyrant King Kuppa. His army would surely kill anyone that would fight them since they are much powerful than before. Also, there are some new additions to the group that the Mushroom people are not used to. They are a new breed and pose a new threat against the people of the Mushroom Kingdom.

But, wait; there is no need to worry as the Mario brothers are here. Surely, they would set out to defeat King Kuppa once and restore peace in all the lands. They would not stand by and wait for something to go wrong till they do something about it. Kuppa is a tyrant and his laws won’t be for the good of the people. Princess Toadstool is the only rightful king as it was handed out to him by the previous ruler of the land. King Kuppa just wants all the riches of the land for himself and would not do anything to help the people of the land.

This game is made from a Nintendo game that your parents use to play when they were just kids. This is one of the best games back in those days. The idea here is to get to the to the flag area, wherein you need to touch the flagpole to go to the next level. The game is not that easy as there are lots of danger that you need to go through. Before that, you need to choose between Mario and Luigi if you want to play the game.