Super Mario Racing 1

When Mario was a kid, he wasn’t bright at all and that is the reason why he didn’t get a good job. Well, he manage to get a job, but those jobs aren’t for keeps since he was always the one being getting some instructions from the boss. He never become a boss since he isn’t bright at all. Still, he makes lot of friends and they are the ones that help him to get a job. One day, he discovered a world wherein, he doesn’t need to work too much. He is the hero and that is where he lives now. However, there is nothing much to do now since most of the people there are peaceful. In an effort to encourage peace, Princess Peach started a race so that it would create friendship among the citizen. At least, they would have something to do other than fight all day. Gone are the day when there are too much trouble in this world. Now, they are very peaceful and would be like to do something that would keep them busy. When they found out about the race, they promise to join in the fun. Of course, they would get some prize if they win and that is the reason why everyone else is doing their best to win the race. In this game, the idea is to arrive to the finish line first. Else, you would lose the game and you can’t continue with the game. Pick some starts along the way as it hold some weapons, which you can use against your rivals. It won’t destroy their vehicles, but it would slow them down. Don’t’ worry as it won’t be one sided since your enemy can use the same items too against you and the other contestants in the race. If you think that you can win in this game without a sweat then try it and experience the fun.