Super Mario Racing Game

Gone are the days when they would go after one another throat. They have learned to live in harmony and have forgotten their past. Surely, everyone got their family now and they don’t’ want to have an enemy at this time. They need to make a safe place for their young ones and they can’t do that if they got enemies. Even the villain such as Bowser and Wario would like to make peace with their enemies. Of course, there are no problem with Peach, Mario and the rest of the gang as they all want to enjoy their life. One day, Mario thought of an idea, he would ask the others to go on a race, but to make sure that no one ends up being hurt, there won’t be a price as that would just make each one of them to hurt the other. Everyone agreed and they have set the date for the race. The day comes and everyone has their own kart, but it looks like that everyone ends up cheating as all their vehicles is equip to slow down the other. They don’t care about the price, but all of them want to be the winner and they would do anything just to win. In this game, you won’t be fighting anyone, but the idea here is to win the race. You would have a weapon, but that won’t hurt the other racers as all it can do is to slow down the other racers. You need to do whatever it is necessary to secure your place in the game. You can only progress and go on to race in the next race if you are at least part of the three winners. The game gets much more exciting as you make some progress.