Super Mario Racing

King Kuppa is gone and his son is not that evil since he want to live a peaceful life. However, everyone got their own agenda and they want to win a race no matter what is the cause. Of course, even Mario got his own agenda in the race and each one of them want to prove something to themselves. The winner gets a truckload of treasure, which would mean that he don't need to work for quite a time. No one would want to lose the race, but the first place is not only the sought position in the race, though, it would have the highest amount of winning. Being second and third is fine enough since the price would be enough for a whole year. Everyone is preparing for the race since they know that they would get a huge sum in that race. That means that each one of them are training and upgrading their kart whole year round. But, since they got a year to prepare, they got their own thing in their home, making them busy for the rest of the year. Besides, there is a lot that you could do within the day. Each one got their own job or business and it doesn't have to do with the race. In this game, let's us concentrate on the race at hand. The idea here is to get to the finish line as fast as you can. But, you need to pass the finish line three times to finished the race. Grab as many coins that you can grab since you can use it afterwards. If you want to take a few seconds from your opponent grab some starts and other objects in the race and throw it at them. The game would be more challenging as you make some progress.