Super mario Rampage

King Kuppa and his troops are harassing the kingdom of mushroom for decades now. Not only that, his family joins in as there are more than just harassing the Mushroom kingdom as they are making it miserable for the people of mushroom kingdom to live. All of that goes to the head of Mario and finally , he has gone snapped. Now, he goes on a rampage. No more good guy as Mario is all rage. He got his gun that he was hiding for a long time. He knows that now is the time that he would use it.

He plans on ending King Kuppa now as he knows that King Kuppa would have some offspring and his family would surely be harassing the Mushroom people too. If that happens, then the abuse would never end. He better act now or that would be true as the Mushroom people can’t take much of it too. As Mario went on to destroy the Kuppa troops, the Mushroom people have his back as they would be protecting his back. One thing is certain, King Kuppa and his men would not see another day since he had done so much wrong in the Mushroom Kingdom for so long.

In this game, there would be no need for flowers and stars to get the boost that you need. You have a gun and you just need to use it to kill the monsters on your path. Just keep on firing if they start to appear on front of the screen. Their numbers would never dwindle, but your ammo is unlimited here. You would be up against King Kuppa at the end, but he would be riding something high above you so, it would be tougher to hit him. You need to avoid most of the balls that he is dropping since that would end your life.