Super Mario Santa

Twas the night before secret and Santa is nowhere in sight. Everyone is waiting for him as they want their gift. However, they can’t see any traces of Santa. It seems that he isn’t coming at all. What had happened to him, that is their question. Mario and Luigi are now worried. They search the Mushroom Kingdom, but they can’t find him anywhere. This is serious and sadly, they reported to the townsfolk. Now, everyone is worried as they searches for Santa. Without him Christmas won’t be the same. Though, they got their present, Santa won’t be able to get there and that is what worrying everyone.

Mario knows that he needs to step in and fill in for Santa somehow. He is the ones that resembles him, so everyone thought of dressing Mario for eh big day. They are able to fool everyone and has the kids all cheered up. They won’t risk the thought of everyone would be sad, so they need to keep it up till they find the real one. They know that at some pint they would find Santa and all would be merry. Letting everyone know what happened to Santa would not surely help them solve the problem.

In this game, the idea is to grab all the gifts while you get to the finish line. You would also need to make sure that you won’t fall into one of those bottom pits or the game not end. At least, you can’t finished it if you continue to die in the game. BTW, Mario would not die in this game since you would just start from the beginning if that happened. The game gets harder and more challenging as you make some progress.