Super Mario Snow Adventure

Winter has come to the Mushroom kingdom, but just like before danger is lurking everywhere. Mario knows that the kuppa troops would bring in the top guns and that it would be more dangerous than ever. He can’t step on them since they are armored. The only way that he could fight is with a fireball and the fire flower is hard to come by since it is very rare. On a normal situation, he would have enjoyed the time playing with his friends, but with the armored guys on his trail, things are a little dangerous than before and he can’t take the risk of endangering his friends.

Mario can’t just make a graceful exit as he is a hero and hero can’t let the bad guys win. He need to confront his innermost demon somehow and win against them. With winter making ice of everything, it is tough to escape from the armored boys since it is slippery and you can’t run very fast. For sure, you would have slipped and things would be much more dangerous than it is already is. Aside from the armored boys catching up to you, you would hurt yourself and that is something that Mario don’t want in this situation.

The idea in this game is to play the game like you normally play all of the other Mario games. You know what I mean; you need to jump and avoid the enemies as much as possible if you want to finish the game. You might think that you can step on your enemy, but this game is damn different. Here, you need to avoid stepping on them since they got this nasty spikes all over them and once that you touch them then the game is over. The game gets more adventurous and dangerous as you make some progress.