Super Mario World

After the events from Super Mario 3, the two brothers and some of their friends went on a vacation to a secluded place. While Mario and the rest of the gang were all sleeping, someone kidnapped Princess Toadstool. They spent hours searching for the lovely princess, but they can’t find her. As they searched, they noticed an egg in the forest. They took it home and from it, comes Yoshi – a dinosaur that is trapped in the egg. Yoshi told them that they are all imprisoned in the eggs. The koopalings were the ones that imprisoned them and Mario is sure that King Bowser is somehow involved in it. Mario ends up helping his newly found friend, Yoshi while looking for the princess. He knows that the princess is just in the island and it won’t be long that they would find her. Yoshi promised to her them return the princess if they could help him free his friends. Mario agreed, so Yoshi gave him a magical cape that he could use to make traveling much easier. When they find Bowser, they did make him pay and save the princess in the end. In this game, you play as either Mario or Luigi.

The game is played like the previous version of the game, but includes several new mechanics. Other than jump and shoot, which you can do in the previous versions, you can float and jump spin in this game. You got several lives that you can use throughout the game. Like, in the previous version of the game, there would be several world with boss in it. Defeating them allows you to advance in the game, making the other worlds available for you. One of the best characters in this game is Yoshi since you can ride him as you explore the worlds in this game.