Toon BMX Race

Cartoon characters should not be taken seriously and they should be enjoyed. All of the cartoon characters are friends, even those villains in the cartoon. They are not really that bad as that is only their role in the cartoon. It is what makes the cartoon more exciting. Without them, no one would ever watch the cartoon. If you see them having a bonding then you would know that they are truly friends. Actually, there are lots of cartoons and they live in the toon world. Characters like Ash, Mario, and lots more like to have some good time, but their favorite pastime is a race between them.

No one would want to lose in any way, so everyone is preparing hard for it. they practice their bike almost every day. Well, at least, if they are not doing anything important. They have their priorities in life, but that doesn't mean that they would forget about having fun. This is the only way that they would get closer together. They prepare for it by buying some parts and attaching it to their bikes. Each one would want to win it since the price is lots of money. The loser gets nothing and no one would want to get nothing from something they spend their time on.

This game is collaboration off cartoon character and the idea here is to win the race. That means, you need to win it and there won’t be any second place. The next few levels would get ever harder and more challenging than before. Also, try to land on the ground when jumping with your bike. There is always the danger of falling when you are biking. The game gets more challenging as you make some progress. Are you ready to prove yourself?