Unfair Super Mario

Mario likes his life and h never dream of becoming something else than a plumber. For him eating spaghetti once a while and doing his job is the best thing. However, all things change when he met Princess Toadstool. His world immediately change as he was transported to a new world when he met the princess. Mario was working with his brother, Luigi that time when that happened, so Luigi was transported to a new dimension too. It was then when he met the evilest villain that h could possibly have, its King Kuppa. Since then the two become rivals and thus, they would tried to destroy one another.

IN that world, he gain some powers to fight the evil. Well actually, he found it since it came from the items on that world thus making him invincible and a lot of things. In short, he become super and he can accomplish some crazy thus that he won’t normally do. It is an unfair world and there is nothing that he could do to justify that. In that world, he had ben chase by authorities and declared as an outlaw. He even get some bounty thus many are after him. But, he got some friends and that is good enough for him. At least, he got someone to rely upon and that is what keeps him in the world fighting against the tyrant, King Kuppa.

This game is played like any other Mario game as you need to reach the flag to get to the next level. After that, you would need to face the challenge that each level got, but with a twist. Yes, this game got a twist as you would not only need to face the normal challenges that comes with the old game, but the world is changing and would give you a surprise. You would need to remember those surprise as that is the only way to get to the next level.