Zombs Royale io

Are you ready to play a perfect gun game? In this Zombs Royale io game, your main target is killing your enemies and to avoid enemies’ attacks on the field. First of all, you will jump from the plane to the field and try to get an ammo and gun, to protect your ownself. You can find the guns and ammos from the boxes on the field or inside the buildings. To do this, you should know the controllers…

W, a, s and d keys will help you about moving on the field. If you want, you can prefer to use arrow keys of course, instead of these 4 keys… Plus them, “E” is very important key for you, because you will use this key to catch ammo or gun. Also, “E” is useful to open doors in the game. And you can use “left click” to shoot. Only protect your character and kill all of your enemies.