Zombs Royale

Zombs Royale.Io, is a game of Battle Royale and therefore multiplayer. Registration is not required and it will be very easy to get into a game as there will always be players waiting to be connected with them to shoot in the head. However, not registering will prevent us from saving our progress, which includes the statistics of our games. It will also be possible in the long run to buy some cosmetic elements, but nothing that will fundamentally change the way we play.

The goal will be to win the game by being the last standing. Victory can be tough, but it's just as rewarding when you get there. But even if it is a solo game, it will be possible to form a duo or teams to be more successful in the field. But still it is necessary to launch it with some friends and it is thus all the essential to really get to do something. Especially that the handling of the character is rather easy and it will require little mastery to enjoy. Which implies that the gameplay is pretty good based on luck, although it will still be a little dexterity.